Ultra Fast Internet

Businesses need the fastest Internet access possible. With more applications moving to the Cloud, access to the Internet is more critical than ever. 1stPoint uses fixed wireless technology, like fiber over the air, to deliver Internet and private connectivity to your business

Fixed wireless has many benefits, including:


Fixed wireless is as reliable as fiber, and more reliable than 5G.

Low Latency

The 1stPoint network has built “edge enabled” from the ground up, so our network offers the lowest possible latency to content providers such as Google, Akamai, Apple, Facebook/Meta and many others.

Lower Cost

Fixed wireless is much less expensive to deploy than fiber.

Rapid Deployment

Once you can see our Internet signal, you can get Internet access within 24 hours.


Increasing capacity from 50Mbps to 500Mbps can be accomplished simply with a software change. Speeds of up to 2.5Gbps are available.

Fixed Wireless is ideal for business that require easy, mobile access to the Internet, including, but not limited to: construction sites, restaurants, health care providers, media and production companies, manufacturing, hospitality, and many more.

Plans & Pricing

AIR Business AIR Business Gigabit AIR BackupConnect AIR Business Private
Download/Upload Speed 100×25 1000x1000Mbps 100×25 Mbps (*) 50×15 or 1000×1000
Static IP 1 Included 8 Included Additional $9.95/month N/A
Data Cap None None None None
HammerCall Adv Accounts 5 Included 10 Included None 5 Included
Private Wifi Included Included Included Included
SLA/Network Reliability 99.99% 99.999% 99.99% 99.99% or 99.999%
Monthly Price $39.95 $250 $14.95 Varies
Installation (*) 250 2000 250 Varies
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Because of our limited coverage area at launch please call us at (888) 244-9229 or email and we will check if you are in our coverage area.