Hosted SMSC

At the heart of every SMS network is the Short Message Service Center (“SMSC”), which handles all of the routing, provisioning, termination and origination of messages in the mobile network. Based on 1st Point’s industry-leading voice routing technology, 1st Point ahs extended its routing capabilities to include SMS. The 1PSMSC supports a full suite of MO and MT capabilities and unparalleled flexibility in message routing and delivery.


  • MT (Mobile Termination) module
  • MO (Mobile Origination) module
  • Short code support
  • Long code/SMS-enabled DID support
  • SMPP, HTTP interface for SMSC-to-SMSC communications
  • HTTP and JSON interface for SMSC-to-device communication
  • Message delivery to end users via email or XMPP
  • Intelligent message routing – Route messages via LCR, source information, destination information, terminating carrier capability, content, and a wide array of other features
  • Bulk SMS delivery via API or CSV
  • Full DLR support
  • Message forwarding
  • Application pooling support for long codes
  • Support for direct connections to retail customer devices
  • Retail and wholesale billing support including accounts and sub-accounts
  • Message delivery reporting and alerting
  • Fully modular design allows for flexible development
  • Infinite scalability, well beyond 100,000 messages per second


  • SMSC-Lite (up to 10MPS, Full Featured)$50/month
  • Full SMSC (SMPP, API, up to 10 MPS)$200/month
  • Full SMSC Email Module$100/month
  • Full SMSC XMPP Module$100/month
  • Each Additional 10 MPS$100/month

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