SMS Termination/Origination

1stPoint has developed one of the most advanced SMS routing networks available in the industry. Based on the proprietary technology developed for voice routing, out network supports SMS-enabled DIDs (long codes) and short codes, the ability to route messages based on source, destination, cost or even content. Our network supports our "SMS-to-Any" technology, where you can send and receive messages via a wide variety of protocols for simple message delivery and rapid time to market.

  • Mobile origination (MO) and SMS-enabled DIDs nationwide and in many countries
  • Long code and short code MO
  • Domestic and international mobile termination (MT)
  • Bulk SMS service
  • Support for MMS
  • Protocol support: SMPP, HTTP API, bulk upload via CSV
  • Web interface to manage accounts
  • Full support for delivery confirmation
  • Intelligent message routing
  • Support for dynamic application pools
SMS Termination