Dil Personal
Home IP Phone

Looking to retire that old key system? Paying too much for those legacy phone systems? Adding a new location to your business? Want to access your telephony systems worldwide? All of these are reasons to go for a hosted PBX IP phone solution with built-in SIP signaling.

For just $15 per month you get unlimited inbound and outbound calling and all of the key features you need for your business and all of the key features for your business.


  • E-911
  • Voicemail
  • Multi-party conferencing
  • Split/Join calls
  • Call park and pickup
  • Access to Interactive Voice Response Systems (IVR) and auto-attendant features
  • Softphones
  • Call Forwarding
  • Smartphone Client (carry your extension anywhere)
  • a wide range of access devices


  • $15/month per line unlimited calling to the US and 30 other countries
  • $50 installation fee per line *waived on a 3 year plan* (click ORDER NOW! to contact us for the discount)