It is commonplace for inter-carrier rating systems to use LRN (local routing number) instead of the called party number. Using LRN, carriers can determine the true originating carrier for an individual number. Since more than half of the telephone numbers (TNs) in the United States have been ported, it is very important to learn the true disposition of a DNIS prior to routing the call.

1stPoint provides an LRN dipping service, and is a licensed reseller of the NPAC (Number Portability Administration Center). LRN dipping services can be provided as a cloud based service, whereby our customers use a SIP Refer (302 message) to query the database during call setup, or it can be maintained on 1stPoint equipment on premise. For billing and administration purposes queries can be provided via a modern SOAP API for off-line queries.

1stPoint distinguishes itself from other LRN dipping services by providing the OCN and the OCN name as part of the query, which can be very valuable during call setup.

More Information on LNP (Local Number Portability): In 1996, the US Congress mandated a change in local telephone service that allows any carrier to enter a local market. The new regulation provides for Local Number Portability (LNP), which means that when a consumer’s phone service is moved from one service provider to another, the telephone number (TN) does not change.

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